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Below you will find our approved courses that we offer in our Flight training organisation Rimin Air Ltd. Please see our price list for actual cost of offered course.

Private Pilot Licence - PPL(A)

Privileges Holders of PPL may fly any aeroplane for which they are rated in non- commercial operations. Cost sharing when flying with friends is allowed. PPL is required if you wish to be an instructor, fly a multi-engine aeroplane or if you wish to get the Instrument Rating. Requirements Minimum age: 16 years Parent's approval if younger than 18 Able to read and understand English or Macedonian to the extent necessary to follow the course Course Theoretical Course - 125 hours - takes about 2 months to complete if you sit in classroom 5 days a week for 4 hours every day. Flight Training - 45 hours - takes 5-6 weeks to complete. Please note that training may take longer if weather conditions are unexpectedly poor, or if the students needs more training. Locations Shtip and Kumanovo, North Macedonia.

Commercial Pilot licence - CPL(A)

Privileges The privileges of the holder of a CPL are, within the appropriate aircraft category, to: exercise all the privileges of the holder of a PPL(A) act as PIC or co-pilot of any aircraft engaged in operations other than commercial air transport act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft act as co-pilot in commercial air transport Requirements Minimum age: 18 Hold a valid PPL(A) Class 1 Medical Night Qualification - NQ Passed ATPL or CPL theoretical exams in CAA At least 150 hours flight time including at least 100 hours as PIC of which at least 20 must be cross country At least 1 VFR cross country flight as PIC of at least 300 NM with full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes, different from departure and destination Course Course consists of 15 hours of flight training (10 hours on C172 and 5 hours on an aircraft with retractable landing gear and variable pitch propeller) for pilots who have an Instrument Rating or have completed the basic instrument flight module. For pilots who have not completed the basic instrument flight module, the course consists of 25 hours of flight training. Plan on 12 days for this training without the Instrument Module.

Flight Instructor rating - FI(A)

Privileges FI(A) rating allows a license holder to carry out flight instruction. Requirements Hold CPL(A), or PPL(A) and 200 hours total on aeroplanes, including 150 hours as PIC Valid Medical Certificate Class 1 Valid SEP (LAND) Have flown 5 hours on SEP in the past 6 months Have received at least 10 hours of instrument instruction in aeroplanes Course The first part of the course is "Teaching and Learning" theory and this is truly useful also in everyday life, from teaching your kids to managing conflicts. You will also learn how to captivate students, how to organise your classes, how to properly use Power Point and other aids and about body language. You will practice a lot. After this part of the course, you will never look with the same eyes at public speakers. The last part of the theoretical course will focus on the delivery of preflight briefings and post-flight debriefings. You will learn about facilitation, and this technique again can be very succesfully applied in everyday life. Theoretical Training: 125 hours - classroom training Flight Training: 30 hours Location We provide this course in Shtip or Kumanovo, North Macedonia.

SEP(Land) Rating

Course This course is aimed at pilots who wish to obtain their SEP(LAND) rating. The amount of training will be determined by the Head of Training based on experience and the approved programme from CAA. Training and check flight can be completed on either the C172 or the Socata MS894A. Requirements Any pilot license (Private or Commercial) with no SEP(LAND) rating endorsement Valid Medical Certificate Class 1 or Class 2 In addition, difference training on aircraft within SEP(L) class rating can be performed. The amount of training will be determined by the Flight Instructor based on candidate experience and the skills level.

Night Qualification - NQ

Privileges Night Rating allows you to fly during official night, which starts 30 minutes after sunset. If you intend to fly cross-country with friends or family, we definitely recommend this rating as it allows you a lot of flexibility and removes time pressure. It is sometimes much better to finish lunch without stress and then land at your destination later. Requirements Hold PPL(A) Valid Medical certificate Class 1 or Class 2 Course Theoretical Training - 6 hours Flight Training - 5 hours Locations We can complete this training at the international airports in North Macedonia with suitable runway lights (LWSK or LWOH).
Rimin Air Ltd. has been approved as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO) by CAA of North Macedonia. The training will be performed in accordance with JAR-FCL regulations. We received our MKD/FTO-02 Certificate on 09.09.2020.
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